Pre-Owned Mustangs: The Pros And Cons

Buying a used Mustang is almost always an emotional decision, made by die-hard fans and experts of this iconic vehicle’s long and prestigious history. Like most buyers, you might be considering the purchase in the first place thanks to your gut instinct, rather than any kind of logical decision. If you’re still on the fence about putting your hard-earned money down for a Mustang, here are some of the biggest pros and cons you need to consider…

The Looks

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The first pro we have to look at is the vehicle’s unique, beautiful styling. The iconic retro design on a used Mustang is always a massive point in the “for” column, whether you’ve got your mind set on a V6 or a V8 model. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find any of the original 60s models that are still in decent working order, but even if you go for the more modern ones, you’ll find that Ford have gone to great lengths to really capture the gorgeous aesthetic style of the classics. There are very few other cars on the market which can lay claim to such a famous visual lineage, so if you’re a collector, it may be worth snapping up a Mustang while you still can!

The Power

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While post-60s Mustangs may not be able to measure up to the sheer nostalgia of the originals, many used Mustangs you can buy have another major advantage under the hood. The sheer power that you can get in the GT edition of the coupes and convertibles is something you really don’t want to overlook when you’re on the fence about chasing down a Mustang. 300 horsepower, and 320 pounds per feet of torque from a 4.6-litre V8 are extremely rare numbers when it comes to pre-owned cars, and the fact that a used Ford Mustang can be very affordable for many people’s budgets makes these stats even more outstanding. If you’re into winding through wide canyon roads and screeching away from stoplights you can do a lot worse than a Ford Mustang in terms of pre-owned cars. Obviously, older models are going to require more diligence, but it’s still fairly easy to secure a mustang in a decent working condition.

The Drawbacks

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We’ll round this post off with some of the main drawbacks of a pre-owned Mustang. For starters, the vehicle can only be bought as a coupe or a convertible, so if you were planning on transporting any more than two people at a time, you’ll need something more versatile. It can also be very hard to find a dealer selling the more classic models, and you’ll usually have to go through a private owner, paying for trusted services such as this: When it comes to the GT editions of a used Mustang, it’s a fairly standard performer, but it also tends to be a gas guzzler. If you were planning to use this vehicle as your main method for getting around, you’ll quickly find that it’s terribly uneconomical.

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