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Driving is a fantastic way to be self-sufficient. You can get where you need to be, whenever you need to be there. All you have to do is jump in your vehicle and go! But there are some situations where you’ll need a helping hand. Many problems can develop when you’re out on the road, and you might need to call for assistance.

Your smartphone is your best friend when it comes to car problems. No matter where you are, you can get the help you need as long as your phone is with you. But who should you put in your contact list? Here’s how to get your contact list ready for all those pesky road problems.

Your Insurance Company

All drivers should aim to stay safe while on the road. But accidents can happen. You might be involved in a collision due to careless drivers. But everyone’s human, and if you get distracted on the road, you might bump into a vehicle yourself.

In any of these situations, you need to call your insurance company. Different agents give different lengths of time for reporting road accidents. However, it’s always best to do it straight away to get any complications sorted out. You also need to exchange your insurance details with the other driver (or drivers) involved.

Insurance providers deal with the financial complications of accidents. Many also offer repair coverage, and some can even help you in a breakdown. Keep your insurance agent in your contacts, and make sure you know what to do in an accident. Keep in mind; you may also need your phone to contact emergency services in accidents where you or someone else is harmed.

A Mechanic

When you have a fault with your car, you’ll need to call on your mechanic. They can identify problems and fix up your car to get you back on the road. Some faults take longer to mend than others. But regardless, you’ll need to get any issues sorted out fast.

Make sure you have a trusted, local mechanic in your contact list. Mobile mechanics can even drive to you and help you out on the road. Some also offer towing services.

An Auto Electrician

Many of the faults that develop with vehicles come down to the electrical systems. A dead car battery can leave you stranded on the road. You might also face legal issues if your vehicle’s lights aren’t working. In any of these cases, it’s worth seeing a service which specialises in car electrics.

These problems can be dangerous for your car and should be fixed immediately. Make sure you have a reputable auto electrician in your phonebook. You’ll appreciate it when your battery goes dead, or you’re having other electrical problems with your car!

A Friend Or Family Member

Sometimes when things go wrong on the road, all you need is a friend or family member to give you a hand. For instance, got a flat tyre? Maybe you just need a parent to bring a new one out to you and help you replace it. Or perhaps you’ve broken down. A friend can help tow you to the local garage for help.

If you have someone you trust, keep them in your contact list for road problems. As long as you’re willing to do the same for them, they surely won’t mind!

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