Revealed: The Biggest Threat To Car Owners


Owning a car comes with a lot of responsibility. You’re in charge of ensuring you keep it clean and make sure it stays in great shape. Today’s article isn’t going to be about caring for your car as an auto owner. If you want to read a car-caring post, then check out the latest one on this blog here Instead, today is all about some of the risks that a car owner faces in this day and age. More specifically, I want to discuss the biggest threat to car owners; other drivers.

That’s right, other drivers are the biggest problem you will face on the roads by far. Slippery and cold driving conditions are also a big problem, but I rate other drivers higher. Why? Allow me to illustrate my point by showing you the different ways other drivers can pose a threat:

Drunk Driving

Driving while intoxicated is a serious problem in modern times. There are more DWI cases now than there were a good ten or fifteen years ago. As it says on, DWI’s are serious offenses that cause serious problems. For car owners, a drunk driver is a massive problem. Their driving can be erratic and cause an accident that damages your car and injures you too. You’re left trying to predict their hazardous driving, and it’s not a safe situation to be in.

Distracted Driving

If you look at articles like this one you will see that distracted driving is one of, if not the, biggest cause of auto accidents on our roads. The fact is, there are so many ways someone can be distracted while they drive. They might be texting, eating, doing their makeup, or just chatting to people in the back seat. Again, a distracted driver is a huge threat to us as they can put us in danger.

Road Rage

The final thing I want to talk about is drivers with road rage. There are times where you might make a maneuver that carries an element of risk. In some cases, other drivers will just let it slide and not bother doing anything. Other times, they might give you an annoyed beep of their horn and be on their way. However, sometimes, you come across people with serious road rage. They get angry, beep their horn over and over again, and could even follow you home. People with road rage get upset over the tiniest thing so you might not have even done anything wrong. When they get angry, they become a huge threat to you. They might secretly follow you home and then bash your car in when you go inside. Or, they can be abusive and threatening, causing you to get distracted from your driving.

The simple fact is, other people are a huge threat to us when we drive. As car owners, we have a responsibility to keep our vehicles and passengers safe and sound. This is a lot harder when we’re constantly on edge making sure other drivers aren’t putting us at risk.

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