Reviewed: 2015’s Best Family Cars

If you are looking for a new car to buy, you might be thinking about the future. That means taking into account that there may be little ones soon sitting in the backseat. Or, you may already have two fully grown kids who are looking awfully cramped in the back of your hatchback. Congratulations, you are ready to buy a family car. We know the name does not make the prospect sound very exciting, but you have just entered a huge consumer market. Car companies are catering to family demand like never before. Here are the best choices for a family car this year.

Audi A3

The Audi A3 is a brilliant vehicle with a sleek design and beautiful curves that make it a very stylish choice. If you are looking for a family car that can also cater to your work needs, this should be your first choice. The interior is luxurious and you can purchase it with the classic leather seats. You will have no problem fitting your kids in the back and quite comfortably as well. The Audi is a cross between a spacious family car and a business saloon. It certainly looks the part and if you are worried about getting bored taking your kids to school, fear not. The A3 has enough power under its hood to keep you entertained. The cheapest version costs around eighteen thousand pounds, which is not that expensive.  If you want to pay less, search for a used model on


Nissan Qashqai

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On the other hand, the Nissan cuts through the price of the Audi quite nicely, at just over seventeen grand. This powerful four by four is for those parents who want to make a big impression in the traffic jams. It’s a large beast and it certainly has got the space to prove it. In fact, we would hasten to bet you forget there are even kids in the backseat. The dashboard is typical of most cars, but you can get cool add-ons like a built in sat nav for a little extra cash. Also, if you are brave enough and don’t mind getting your new machine dirty, you could take it off roads. If not, then this car is still a fun enough drive to take out for a spin on the long weekends.

Ford Focus

Of course, you could always opt for the classic choice and the Ford Focus is exactly that. You can buy it for just over thirteen thousand, making it the cheapest model on our list. But the biggest selling point of the Ford is its reliability. Fords are known for rarely ever breaking down. That is a good thing because you do not want to be stranded at the side of the road with kids in the back. That situation is nothing more than a nightmare. Not only is the Focus stylish it has got excellent fuel economy standards, averaging 75mpg. It also has some of the best safety features we have seen in any car. If safety is your main concern, Ford is the way forward.

Any one of these cars would be a perfect match for your family, and we hope you have fun choosing.

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