Stay Cool, Stay Safe: Coping With Driver Irritants

Driving is meant to be pleasurable. That’s why we invest in gorgeous cars with comfortable seats, exchanging them for new models so we can stay up to date– it’s all so we can enjoy the journey as we make our way from A to B. Perhaps this ideal would be possible… if it weren’t for other road users.

There are certain things you encounter while driving which make the whole experience fraught with annoyances. Coping with these moments is often easier said than done; you’re on high alert thanks to the safety aspect, and it’s all too easy to lose your temper. Below, let’s explore some of the most common irritations that all drivers experience– and how you can make them more bearable.

#1 – Motorcycles Weaving In and Out Of Traffic


What Happens: You’re queuing in traffic, drumming your fingers on the steering wheel, bored. Then a motorcycle zooms alongside you, weaving around the cars, cutting into the front of the line.

How You React: You find yourself muttering in irritation, sure that you are moments away from needing to contact the likes of, as an accident is surely inevitable. You’re stewing, annoyed, and the sight of the motorcycle powering ahead in the traffic doesn’t help to calm you down. They’re being rude and getting to queue jump! It’s not fair!

How You Should React: Ignore it. This is the one upside that motorcycle drivers have, so let them have it. Remind yourself that you’re breathing fewer pollutants and you’re safer in your vehicle, so let them have this one victory– they need it.

#2 – Badly Sequenced Traffic Lights

What Happens: You’re paused at an intersection with multiple direction controls. The controls are not sequenced to allow the busiest direction to have the longest time on green, meaning some directions clog up with traffic while others flow freely.

How You React: Get annoyed. Possibly even think about changing lanes so you can move into the free-flowing section, even though it would mean changing your entire route.

How You Should React: If you notice lights that are genuinely sequenced poorly, then contact your local authority to let them know. Town planners can and do get timings wrong, but if they don’t know there’s an issue, they can’t correct it. You can be the one to alert them to the need for a change. You should also consult to see if the area has been reported to this useful, crowdsourced site.

#3 – The Lack Of Door Space In Parking Lots

What Happens: You pull into the parking lot of a store, open the door, and realize you have a couple of inches of space to slide out of your vehicle. If you move the door more, you’ll scratch the paintwork not only of your car, but the car next to you.

How You React: You slide out, holding your breath, and contort yourself to avoid scratching the paintwork.

How You Should React: Park at the end of a row of spaces. This might be further from the store, but you’ll have room to open at least one door comfortably, ensuring your paintwork survives the trip intact.

So, with those solved, what other irritations do you experience while driving?

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