Choosing the Best Place to Purchase Your Next Vehicle

Buying a vehicle has been made much easier thanks to technological advances. For instance, in the past, we had to look through thick (and often outdated) books filled with classified ads just to find something that we liked. It would be like eBay except the editions would be weekly or… Continue reading

Contacts That Every Vehicle Owner Should Have on Speed Dial

When you first pass your test and take to the roads, you’re in high spirits. You’re embracing a whole newfound sense of freedom where you can head out where you want when you want. So precautions don’t tend to be your focus. However, there are various things that can go… Continue reading

Drunk Driving And Your Health: What Are The Real Risks?

You’re a person who loves to socialize, and this is evident in the number of friends you have right now. Whenever you’re invited to meet up, hang out and have a few drinks, you always accept their invitation. In your mind, you’re a grown man, and you can stay as… Continue reading

Five Questions Smart People Ask Themselves Before Purchasing a Car

Buying a car can be a bit of a minefield, there are so many different things to take into consideration depending on your circumstances and what you want. But wondering round from dealer to dealer with no clear plan or idea in mind is a dangerous game, car salespeople are… Continue reading

With Great Tech, Comes Great Responsibility

Once upon a time, the coolest cars in the world were the ones packed full of high-tech gizmos. We’re talking Bruce Wayne’s Batmobile, Michael’s Knight Rider ‘K.I.T.T.’, the Porsche 911 in Death Race and the Audi RSQ in I, Robot. It was all about futuristic cars that were jam-packed with… Continue reading