The 3 Amazing Alternatives To Buying A New Car

If your lovely little motor is quickly morphing into an old banger, you may be tempted to venture down to the local car showroom to purchase yourself a swanky new car. You hanker for an achingly cool chassis, a three-year warranty and that gorgeous new car smell. However, you’re also well aware that money is pretty tight and you don’t want to overstretch your finances. It’s not just monetary concerns that should stop you from purchasing a brand new car. There are plenty of alternatives to buying a car that could make financial sense and suit your lifestyle.


Leasing a car for two or three years means that you are effectively renting a vehicle long term. You put down a deposit and agree a monthly fee for your use of the car. The car will be brand new with no miles on the clock, it’ll come complete with the usual warranty, and it will naturally be more reliable than a second-hand motor. All you need to do is take care of your new automobile.

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Many companies and dealerships from Ford to Chevrolet offer leasing options instead of buying. If you’re keen to explore this option as an alternative to buying, visit the website to see the range of vehicles that you could lease. You could lease a supermini, a saloon or an SUV. The car you select can suit your lifestyle and your budget. Depending on the leasing option you select, you could even secure free maintenance and servicing, leaving you to worry about sticking to your mileage allowance.

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If you don’t utilise a vehicle that much or you live slap bang in the centre of a city, you may rely on public transport for all of your commuting needs. However, on the days where you might need to take a longer jaunt, you may want to rent a car. Car hire companies often offer great daily rates and unlimited mileage. If you find that your trips outside of the city are becoming more frequent, you could sign up to a car sharing scheme so you can book your vehicle quickly via an app, pick up your keys from a secure location and find your car at a designated spot on the street.

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Is It A Car That You Need?

If you live out in the sticks and have a long commute to work every day, then a car may be the most suitable vehicle for you. However, if your humble abode is a city centre apartment, you never travel further than five miles for any journey, and you’re young, free and single, you may want to consider a cheaper scooter or a motorcycle. Combined with the car share option for the odd longer journey, you could find your ideal alternative to buying.

Although the thought of buying a new car may still be the ideal alternative to sticking with your clapped out old motor, it is not the only option. By thinking a little outside the box and utilising your money more wisely, you can find a more stress-free option to purchasing a new vehicle.

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