The Best Tractors Manufactured In The Last Ten Years


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When it comes to picking tractors, most people have little idea of where to start. So, we did some research, read owner reviews, and found out about some of the best machines released in the last ten years. Anyone who plans to start a new farming business this year will benefit from the information in this post. That is because it should stop them from buying less than suitable equipment. For everyone else, this is just a fun article that should increase your education and make you more aware of the best tractor brands around today. Who knows? Maybe you’ll need one in a few year’s time.

We recently published a post on the coolest pickup trucks ever built, and so we thought it would make sense to keep walking down that path. Tractors are the obvious next step, and we’ve listed three of the best ones below.

  • New Holland T6020 Diesel

Right at the top of our list, we have to mention the New Holland T6020 Diesel. Not only has it become one of the best-selling tractors of the last ten years, but it is also available for reasonable prices on the used market. The model comes equipped with air conditioning, 110 horsepower, and all the standard safety devices you would expect to find. Sites like are always worth a look if you want to buy a trailer for one of these. There are lots of them available from second-hand sellers. It is a medium sized tractor that is perfect for light to medium farm use.

  • Massey Ferguson GC2300

Those of you who need something a little smaller might like to consider the Massey Ferguson GC2300. With only 22 horsepower, it’s not the strongest vehicle on the market. However, it has fantastic owner reviews when it comes to durability. The model is ideally suited to pulling mount mowers, and it could be the perfect tool for cutting the grass on those empty fields. Many farmers who live in rural towns opt to get one of these for whenever they need to tow something around the local area. As they are much smaller than standard models, they are less of an obstruction when used on the road.

  • Fendt 718 TMS Vario Profi

The Fendt 718 TMS Vario Profi has been helping farmers to earn their living for many years. However, the manufacturer released a new edition in 2013 that is a vast improvement on all the machines that came before. It is a large tractor that is suitable for pulling mobile harvesters and trailers of all sizes. You can expect to pay more than £60,000 for one of those on the used market, but it would be worth every penny. Just look online and try to find a negative review. We know you won’t manage to do that because there aren’t any.

So, there you have it guys. Those were the three best tractors manufactured in the last ten years. While should you choose? Well, that comes down to how you plan to use the vehicle. If you need something large and powerful, the Fendt 718 is for you. When you’re simply moving a few light trailers around, you’re going to want the Massey Ferguson. For general use, you can’t go wrong with the New Holland.

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