The Coolest Pickup Trucks Ever Built


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If you’ve never sat behind the wheel of a pickup truck, you’re missing out. The vehicle is an American institution and symbolises the heartland of the US. It represents the rugged, outlander power of the great plains and farmlands. Sure, it has been modernised and given a facelift for our cities and urban areas. They are now a status symbol for power and strength. Yet, they still retain that spark that made them so special.

As a community of truck lovers, debate often rages over which is the best. We argue over the most powerful, the best off-roader and the best towing capabilities. Today we’re looking at the coolest. We’re asking which pickup trucks you look at with awe and wonder. It’s a tough list, but someone’s got to make one! And that someone is us. Cue the arguments and disagreements! Feel free to post your favourite at the end of the article.

Dodge Ram

The Ram truck is often referred to as the hardest working truck in America. And with good reason. This is no fashion vehicle or prize pony. The Dodge Ram is a workhorse. The truck is now over thirty years old and has moved through countless iterations. Despite that, it always has one thing at heart: sheer hard work. It looks rugged, muscular and powerful. There are no frills here, just awesome power.

Ford F-150

The F-150 is America’s best-selling truck of all time. It is the original and the classic. It is the pickup truck that started an entire revolution. The F Series of trucks first hit the road as early as 1948. It has gone on to become the biggest selling vehicle in all of Canada. It was built to tackle the difficult terrain and haul goods. The iconic early image is still one of the coolest styles of any car, ever produced. Don’t think Ford ruined it as the years went on either. The F-150 has evolved into a powerhouse and a stylish one at that.

Toyota Tacoma

Toyota have a fierce reputation when it comes to off-road vehicles. The Toyota Landcruiser is tested in the harsh, arid landscape of the Australian Outback, for example. They’ve poured that experience and knowledge into the off-road Tacoma. Although this truck wasn’t built in the American heartlands, it still holds its own. The Japanese truck looks a little prettier and curvy than the traditional trucks.


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GMC Canyon

GMC make nothing but big, aggressive, off-road vehicles. And they’re excellent at it. Whether it’s trucks, vans or crossover SUVs, they know how to build a monster. The front grill with the letters ‘GMC’ has come to define the brand and indeed the pickup truck market. It is a reliable, powerful stalwart of the industry and long may it continue. Its big brother, the Sierra, was a close call for this list. But, in the end, the classic features of the Canyon won the race.

We may have split opinion with our list today, but what do you make of it? Are you part of the hardcore Ford F Series buyers? Or do you prefer the plucky outsiders? Let us know in the comments below.

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