The Long Road: How To Prepare Your Car For A Lengthy Journey

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The real joy of owning a car is the freedom. Nothing beats being able to take off whenever you fancy and travel long distances with ease. With summer here, many of us are thinking about taking our cars on long-distance trips. It may be that you’re planning a road trip or just a day out. Either way, there are some steps you should take before setting off. Skipping these points could ruin your trip before it’s begun. The idea, after all, is to reach your destination, not spend the day on the side of a busy highway! So, here’s what you need to do to ensure that doesn’t happen.


If your car isn’t used to traveling long distances, give it a complete once-over before you set off. Make a checklist of everything you need to consider, then get to work. These checks should already be fairly obvious to you because they’re things you need to do on a regular basis. Checking tire pressure is important. You’ll also want to test the pressure in your spare because you never know when you might need it. It’s also important to check oil quality, engine condition, and transmission fluid. Oh, and don’t forget to fill your tank before you head off! As stated above, these are checks you should be doing on a regular basis anyway. But, if you aren’t sure what to do, you can always find out with a quick search online.

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If you do spot a problem or aren’t sure what you’re looking at, it’s time to get the professionals involved. They can do all the checks mentioned above. That way, you’ll be able to rest easy that things are done properly. They’ll also be able to change your oil or fill your tires if necessary. When you take your car in, make sure they know that you have a long journey ahead of you and want every aspect checking. It may seem like a sting in the tail having to pay for this when you could arguably do it yourself, but it’s a step worth taking if you want peace of mind. And, if it helps, you could look out for something like these oil change specials to take the edge off. One thing’s sure; you stand to pay an awful lot more if you don’t do things right!

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It’s also important you take the time to plan your route and know your mileage. That way, you can make sure you have enough fuel, or plan for fuel stops while you’re on the way. Planning also allows you to plan rest breaks in appropriate areas. Like any engine, your car will overheat if it’s driving for too long at a time. Breaking the journey up will ensure you don’t run into any overheating issues. Plus, it’s good to give yourself a break, too. If you get tired or complacent, overheating would be the last of your driving worries!

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