The Perfect Car for Driving in the City

Driving in the city is nothing like driving in the country. Forget open roads and hairpin bends, the city comes with a whole lot more traffic and a wide variety of obstacles to watch out for as you crawl along at 5 miles an hour.

While there are some cars that are just perfect for road tripping, others are just made for the tiny allies and long queues the city has to offer. So what should you be looking for in a city car?

Make it Small

In the city, space is at a premium so if you want to go for a long car, you will need to have access to a great parking space all the time. Otherwise, keep your car small and you can squeeze into any and every tiny space you want. The best cars for this are small two-seaters, but you should also consider looking at the complete Mercedes-Benz and smart Car range too. Not only are these cars well-made but they are also ideal for urban living.

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Make it Eco

The city might be known for its bad air, but that’s no reason to add to the problem. Getting a more environmentally friendly car is a good option, especially as it is becoming more and more likely that councils will reject cars that emit too much. A good way to get around that is to go eco sooner rather than later when you may be forced to.

Lots of cars now come with an eco setting which switches the engine off while you are sat in neutral. This isn’t just better for the environment, it also means that your car is more economical as you will burn through less petrol. You may also wish to consider electric or hybrid models too. These cars are generally lighter and quieter as you drive and there are more and more charging points springing up around the country to make parking more convenient.

Make it Touch

Many cars now have touch screens which allow you to access more of your car’s abilities while you drive. They can show the rear view of your car as you reverse into a tiny space, they can show you a map and provide GPS to navigate you through a crazy one-way system plus you can use voice control to text and call while you drive.

Many cars will also allow you to use voice control as well as the touch screen system. Since the introduction more stringent rules about the use of mobile phones, having the ability to use a hands-free system in the car is a great advantage.

While city driving can be intensely frustrating at times, with the right car, you can relax into your commute. The smaller the car, the easier it will be to find a space; the greener the car, the more economical it will be to run in the city; and the easier the car is to use, the more likely you are to have a calm commute home.

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