The Three Big Savings All Drivers Should Be Making

Owning a car is expensive. There’s no doubt about that. Even the most beat-up old auto will come with plenty of running costs if it’s used regularly. We focus so much on the price of an auto that we often fail to consider the lifetime costs that can end up overshadowing it, turning an affordable car into a money sinkhole. If you’re wondering why your car eats up so much of your money, it’s time to consider these three areas where massive savings are in reach if you’re willing to reach out and grab them.

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The fuel

If you drive for your commute or you’re simply out on the road on a regular basis, then the costs of gas can eat up more and more of your budget until you have nothing less. Of course, you can walk or use public transport more often to save some of those costs, but there are plenty of improvements you can make to your driving to do the same thing, too. For instance, replacing an old air filter and spark plugs can immediately make the car more fuel efficient. Poorly aligned tires force the engine to work harder, consuming gas. Even slightly deflated tires cause a drop in fuel efficiency. That’s to say nothing of driving habits. If you’re more prone to fast acceleration and hard braking, you’re forcing the car to guzzle even more gas. Take it easier on the road and save plenty of money.

The repairs and maintenance

It’s time to look at why your repair bills get so high, too. First of all, if they’re catching you by surprise, they shouldn’t. Saving up a car repair fund in the budget can help you know how much to expect to spend and stop you from having to dip into credit to afford repairs. But if you’re willing to do a little more hands-on maintenance and repair yourself, you could save tons, too. Visit your nearest auto body supplier and you could do a lot of the minor body work and preventative care that your mechanic might otherwise charge you for. Of course, that’s not to say you should try being your own mechanic. When in doubt, look to the experts.

The insurance

A necessary expenditure, but not one that necessarily has to be so high. Young drivers, in particular, need to watch out for insurance costs as they tend to be much higher for them. But you can get better deals if, for instance, you get a black box insurance coverage deal, which measures how safely you drive to give you a bill that more adequately fits your low risk level. You should also make sure you’re taking on only the insurance that’s absolutely necessary. Not all cars need comprehensive cover, after all.

Any car can be made instantly much more affordable if you’re willing to put in the work to make sure that it stays that way. You might not be able to cut the costs entirely, but you can make them a lot more manageable.

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