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Cars are a wonderful thing. There are not many pieces of metal and carbon fibre you can stick together that have the same effect as a car does on the human psyche. There is something so elegant and powerful about them at the same time that sends a shiver down the spine. If you are a family person, you probably stopped dreaming about cars a long time ago. It is all about the affordable hatchbacks for you. But, allow yourself one moment of pleasure and dream again about the cars that you could one day only wish to own.

Bugatti Veyron

The Veyron is the type of car that makes every person on the planet drool a little bit. Even those who can’t drive go straight on the nearest computer for sites like, so they book their test as soon as possible! Just take a look at it. For starters, it is a beautifully crafted car. A lot of dream cars go for style and get it horribly wrong, but the Bugatti is bang on the money. Plus, there is the little matter of it reaching speeds of up to 260 mph. However, at a cost of £1.26 million it is a car of which dreams are made.

Porsche 911

Porsche makes a lot of supercars, and a lot of them are great cars. But, the car that they are compared to the most is the 911. It is the ultimate European car. It is very much substance over style with its agile handling and great balance, but it is also easy to the eye as well. Don’t forget that it can reach speeds of 195 miles an hour and hit 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, so it is by no means a slouch.


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Ferrari 250 GTO

The 250 GTO is one of those rare cars that is as good looking as it is desirable. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful cars ever built. However, getting your hands on one will be tricky. You might even have better luck finding Lord Lucan! There was only a total of 39 built from 1962-64, so the Ferrari 250 GTO is rarer than the proverbial Hen’s teeth.

Aston Martin One-77

Almost all Aston Martins are the stuff of dreams. They are another beautiful car, but they are also a reminder of the days of James Bond and his exotic adventures. The 77 is perhaps the dreamiest Aston Martin out there. It is sleek and slim line with a whole host of power at 750bhp. There is also no better looking Aston out there, and that is one of the main draws. However, it will set you back a cool £1.2 million.


image source: wikipedia

Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition

Too many dream cars are style over substance, but that cannot be said about the Range Rover. It is not economical, but it does have five doors, and it will get you anywhere you need to go in almost all conditions. Plus, it looks great. How many other dream cars can you say that about?
Okay, it is time to stop dreaming now!

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