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There’s nothing wrong with having an old car. They are bound to hold so many memories and experiences that you’ve had over the years, so there’s no reason that you should feel like you need a new car to ‘fit in’. Unless of course, it’s no longer safe to drive.

Appearance wise though, it may not look as good as it once did. Instead, it’s dull, cold and neglected. But it’s old – not dead! No more excuses, it’s time to spruce up your baby and show her what she really deserves – a good ol’ makeover. It’ll take years off her!

Schedule a deep cleaning

Sure, you most likely have a vacuum, a bucket and a couple of sponges, but this will only clean your car superficially. Although you may not want to part with your money, it’ll be well worth it to take your car to an auto cleaning professional. You will receive a deep cleaning which includes shampooed rugs and upholstery, along with a thorough cleaning internally and externally to get rid of any stubborn stains, dirt and bad odors.

Only have the essentials

Don’t waste money on silly accessories that you don’t need or ever use. If there are things that you really want to upgrade or improve, do them first. That way you don’t get distracted by the little things. If music is your life, then upgrade the audio system. Or get a good quality wheel cover to hide the ugly cracks in your old steering wheel, this is not only unattractive, but it can be dangerous too.

Upgrade the technology

As we’re in the year 2017, technology has improved more than ever, and is in fact still growing and getting more advanced each day. Take time to look at the new systems and features that are available and see if anything appeals to you. You may have never realised how much you could benefit from it until it’s in front of you.

Repair what needs repairing

If you keep noticing a problem but don’t do anything about it – it’s only going to get worse. Unique Panels smash repairs, for example, is needed in the event of you having quite a nasty accident leaving your car a mashed up mess. With this service, your vehicle will be left miraculously good as new.

Do a tire check

If your tyres aren’t inflated properly, it is not only dangerous, but it also wastes fuel and makes the ride feel pretty rough. This can all be avoided by checking the air pressure in each tyre regularly. If your wheels are exceptionally old though, it may be best to replace the whole lot with some newer, high-quality ones.

Invest in a paint job

Bored of your dull color? Change it! Have a look at colors, and remember that they come in matte, metallic, chrome, and much more. So you have a lot to choose from. Get yourself an estimate and then go for it. Why not live a little and go for a wild orange? It’s your car – you can do what you want with it.

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