Volvo: The Top Four Cars

Are you thinking about making your next car a Volvo? Well, here is their top 4 cars.

  1. Volvo XC90

If a powerful Volvo with the space for a large family is what you’re looking for, you should definitely consider the XC90. It sits seven people comfortable without people having to squash together. And on top of that, you get a lot of legroom and space in the boot, so you’re never be left wanting more room.

It’s also surprisingly economical with its fuel. Therefore the CO2 emissions are kept quite low, and that’s not something you can say about many cars of this size. They tend to be thought of as gas guzzlers, but the XC90 manages to buck the trend. That’s just another reason to buy one!

  1. Volvo S40

The S40 is a difficult car to judge because it’s not clear what market Volvo was trying to tap into. Or maybe their success lies in being able to tap into multiple markets at the same time. It’s a mid-size saloon that can challenge cars like the Audi A3 but also works as an executive car. Therefore, it gives some of the more expensive BMWs a run for their money too.

The car hasn’t been on the market for long either. That means you can visit websites like and find used S40s with very few miles on the clock. Its affordability, when compared to its rivals, might be one of its biggest selling points. But do you lose anything as a result of the low price? There might not be the same high-quality finish you’d find in a BMW, but in terms of reliability, style and safety, you lose nothing.


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  1. Volvo Amazon

Sometimes, it’s hard to beat the classics. And Volvo has a couple of beautiful classic cars in its back catalogue. The Volvo Amazon is, for me, one of the best. It was first produced in 1956 and stands as a model of mid-century car making cool. It’s not sporty or flashy, but it exudes charm and sophistication.

The car shows how serious Volvo was about safety from the very beginning. The manufacturer is known for putting safety above all else. And the Amazon was the first car to have seat belts fitted in the car as standard. Safety is great and everything, but it’s not why I love this car. The style is what’s most appealing.

  1. Volvo P1800

Volvo isn’t usually associated with sports cars. But, if you ask me, the greatest car they’ve ever made was a sports car. The Volvo P1800 was made because Volvo wanted to start competing with the big sports car manufacturers in the European market. It was a move that worked well because the car was very successful.

The car has now become a real classic and is probably the most celebrated and loved car that Volvo have ever made. There are plenty P1800s on the road too. Some of them have millions of miles on the clock and stand testament to the safety and reliability of the Volvo brand.
Volvo has a strong reputation for reliability, but, as this list shows, there’s a lot more to the manufacturer than that.

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