Volvo XC90 Review

If you are on the fence about whether the new Volvo XC90 is the right car for you then read on for more information on what this new luxury SUV is really all about.

Top SUV Model

There are many people saying that the Volvo XC90 actually rivals the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport and the Audi Q7. The fact that Volvo is now in the same bracket as the above brands and is rivalling their infamously popular SUV models is seriously impressive in itself.

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The XC90 is a premium car, with Scandinavian design features and a whole host of advanced safety features. Its exterior design is very distinctive and unique and the model offers a lot of interesting equipment and all in all, it offers a more luxurious package than its older rivals.

Road Performance

The Volvos XC90 road performance is fantastic and as it boasts seven seats and ample boot room, it stands firmly as one of the best family cars currently on the market. It offers just a 2.0 litre four cylinder engine, which some drivers will like, other drivers not so much. Many reviewers of the model however are commenting on the efficiency, style, safety and unique technological features and so the engine is still winning out of the larger six or eight cylinders of some of the predecessor models. It also offers a choice of diesel, petrol or petrol-electric hybrid power meaning that the customer can really chose the option that works best for them.


The cheapest model stands at under £50,000 and this ‘Momentum’ model offers luxury features including, leather upholstery, power driver seat adjustment, climate control, in-built satellite navigations (which comes with a 9-inch touch screen). They also offer stunning 19 inch alloy wheels, a powered tailgate, near park assist and LED active ‘bending’ headlamps. The ‘R’ design offers a slightly more sporty feeling with sports seats, distinctive alloys and a R design model specific grille. Look at Paul Moak Volvo for more information on pricing options and packages.

Safety Features

The Volvo XC90 is an infamously reliable and safe SUV model and offers an eight-speed automatic gearbox. It includes pedestrian and cyclist detection (City Safety), front collision warning with auto braking, lane departure warning and road sign display. Automatic parking systems are available also as is a Queue assist low-speed self driving feature.

Although it is a powerful 4×4 SUV, it offers more luxury than off roading ruggedness. It offers a highly comfortable ride, in all its different variations and it has plenty of grip and offers a really smooth ride. It provides a great balance between agility and comfort, with amazing body control and a highly efficient suspension. This means you can push the car hard whilst still enjoying a very composed journey.


The older versions of the XC90 have actually managed to maintain their value quite well. Therefore the expectation is that the same will happen to this new model. The diesel version had a depreciation of around 50% and the T8 Twin Engine depreciated around 40%.

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