We Give Two Thumbs Up To These Ideal Rental Cars

Are you thinking about booking a vacation soon? Perhaps you are hoping to avoid the winter chill and instead retreat to warmer climates. If that’s the case, then you might be arranging a rental car. A rental car is a great way to give you more freedom on your vacation, allowing you to travel wherever you want to do whenever. But, you do need to make sure that you are getting the right ride for the journey. So, which rental car is best suited for your dream vacation? We’ve got a few options that could provide the perfect ride.

Tesla X

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Do you hate trying to find your way to an unknown destination? That’s why our first recommendation for a car that you should rent on holiday is the Tesla X. Yes, the Tesla X offers autonomous driving options. That means you won’t have to worry about getting lost or fidgeting with a sat nav that you have no idea how to use. Instead, you can let the car take you to your destination itself. It’s a lot like having your own personal chauffeur, except that you don’t have to tip your car and it will wait around for as long as you need. Check out this example of the tech in action.

That’s not the only benefit that the Tesla X gives to holiday goers. It also has a lot of space and provides a fuel-efficient ride. So, you won’t have to worry about the fuel costs eating into the holiday budget.

Ford Mustang XL

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Or, how about packing a little muscle into your next vacation. We don’t mean hitting the gym before you catch the flight. No, grab yourself a Ford Mustang for some real power on international roads. With a tremendous horsepower, you’ll feel the speed as you soar down the highways and did we mention it’s a convertible? If you’re looking to score some cool points when you pull up outside your hotel, this car will give you them. Legacy Car Rental and other companies have these available for rent per day at budget prices too. So, you can have a cool car and keep things cheap and a cheerful. Unfortunately, this one isn’t brilliant if you have kids as it only offers two seats. So, let’s look at another car that provides a tad more space.

BMW 4 Series

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Ah, now we’re talking. Something just as sporty but with a little more room in the back for the ankle biters. The BMW doesn’t have the self-driving capabilities of the Tesla. But it does have the style and power of the Mustang in a ride that is a tad more spacious. It’s family friendly too with lots of features that will make the kids ooh and ah. Though, arguably the best feature is the voice activated sat nav. You’ll still need to drive, but with this gadget, it will be an easy ride. It’s ultra stylish too and expensive so if you’re looking to impress, try parking one of these outside your hotel room.

We hope you have fun with one of these great rides on your vacation and find the perfect company to rent one from.

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