What Changes Will We See In Vehicles In 2017?

December is an exciting time for motorists. Many car dealerships have discount sales on, and Christmas is a great time to look into new vehicles. But it’s also an ideal time to look ahead to the new year and what 2017 might offer us.

Car models change and improve each year, with impressive designs and cool new features. We’ve already seen some brilliant 2017 models, such as the 2017 Lincoln MKZ and the Ford Fusion 2017. But what else can drivers look forward to next year? It’s hard to predict the future, but here are some things you should expect.

Safer Vehicles


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We’ve come to a point where innovative safety features are implemented in almost every car- even those at lower price ranges. Things like automatic braking, lane-keeping technology, and adaptive cruise control have improved vehicle safety. Rear-view cameras and supportive head restraints have also become more common.

It’s interesting to note that in spite of this, traffic accidents rose in 2016. Many people have blamed the use of apps for distracting drivers. There’s also more people on the road than ever before. You should always keep your insurance company and a car accident attorney in your phonebook, no matter how safe your car is!

But with safety features improving and developing, we should expect safer cars in 2017. Vehicles are becoming more intelligent, and it even seems likely that self-driving cars will take over in the new future.

More Tech


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In addition to safety features, cars are implementing all kinds of unique and practical technology. Many vehicles today come with handy touch-screens for viewing driving statistics and GPS maps. Some even come with voice-activated controls so drivers can keep their eyes on the road.

You can expect to see plenty of new innovative car features in 2017. Backseat passengers will benefit from exciting entertainment tablets in some vehicles. The Chrysler Pacifica Uconnect Theater transforms the minivan into more of a home cinema system. Ford are equipping heavy-duty trucks with helpful cameras all over the vehicle.

We’ll also see tons of new driving apps and gadgets for motorists to enjoy. From new navigation software to better music systems, vehicles are implementing all kinds of tech. Expect cars to become more exciting and practical with new tech in 2017.

Increased Fuel Efficiency


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Fuel efficiency is a big concern for drivers, and auto manufacturers are paying attention. More vehicles are using fuel-efficient diesel engines, allowing drivers to get more bang for their buck. But the real driving force for the change is electric vehicles.

Electric car sales have grown fast throughout 2016. Some currently available EVs get the electric equivalent of over 100 miles per gallon. Many drivers are turning to them for cheaper and more environmentally friendly driving.

You can expect this to continue. The Tesla Model 3 is one of the highly-anticipated upcoming models for 2017. It’ll get up to 200 miles on a full charge at an affordable price. With more brands also getting into the electric vehicle market, it seems this trend will grow fast next year.

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