When is the Best Time to Get a New Car?


People have one of two type of relationships with their current cars. Either it has served you well, gotten you out of tight spots, and liberated you from the horrors of public transport. Or, it has been the bane of your life, the thorn in your side and you are happy to be rid of it.

Whichever relationship you and your current car may have, searching for a new mode of transport is something that needs to happen sooner or later. But, when is the best time to say goodbye, and purchase a newer model?


Experts believe there are a lot of different factors that affect when it comes to the best time to purchase a new car. This can be anything from the time of the year – usually when a new model is set to roll onto the market – to even the time of day.

When looking to buy a new vehicle, it is advised that the best time to purchase is at the end of the day, where sales associates are often more lenient with their pricing, hoping to crack their target before going home.

Furthermore, this kind of tactic can also change even day-to-day. It has been reported that buying a car on a Sunday will work out cheaper than buying the same model from the same dealership just two days earlier, on a Friday.

And, it also helps to consider what time of year you want to buy. Traditionally, holidays have proven to be the best value for money when buying cars as dealerships often promote special deals in the spirit of the holiday to further entice customers.


If you’re not able to buy new, finding used cars is often a more economically friendly practice. You’ve done well to ignore the allure of whatever fancy new model has hit the market, so you deserve to be rewarded for such self-control.

Finding the perfect used car for you all depends on what the market dictates. There is no point splashing out on a new vehicle if it is going to be worthless in a year. Let the market work for you, not against you. It is also possible to attend local car auctions to find any potential bargains that will save you even more.

But before choosing to buy a new car, it is essential to do your research. Finding listings of used vehicles and selecting the ones that are most appealing to you is easy enough, but unless you want to pay for a hunk of junk, doing your homework on any potential problems will save you a lot of grief once you’ve gotten it into your driveway. It will also give you bargaining power with the seller, and they are less likely to try taking advantage of you if it sounds like you know what you’re talking about.

Getting anything new is always an exciting experience, and with something that you will spend as much time in as your car, it helps to be thorough and ensure that this is not a purchase you will grow to regret. Once the difficulties of the acquisitions are over, the open road is all yours.

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