Why Pick The Ford Edge?

No one wants to think about having an accident while they are driving, but the sad truth is that millions of Americans are involved in automobile collisions every year. That means it’s a good idea to pick a car that rates highly on the safety scale just like the Ford Edge. With this in mind, read on to discover a detailed account of what makes this vehicle, in particular, the best choice for out of all the other SUVs currently on the market.

Good value for money

The Ford Edge makes an excellent choice in the SUV category because it’s great value for money. It’s a big car at over 2m long, yet the handling is still pretty comfortable. Its priced really low for its class too, at around $34,000- 37000 with SUVs like the Range Rover coming out at over double that cost. It’s probably better to go for credit though if you are thinking of investing in this model as monthly finance cost can top out at around $500.

Packed with safety features

Of course, it not just the fact that the Ford Edge is great value for money for an SUV that makes it a great pick. It’s also the fact that there are so many safety features packed into this one vehicle.

These include adaptive lighting that ensures the road around you is always visible, but doesn’t blind other driver and cause a safety risk. Then there is the cross traffic alert, something that can seriously reduce the chance of your being in an accident. This is because sensors in the vehicle can predict dangerous situation before they occur, increasing your reaction time, as well as giving a chance for the car’s other automatic safety features to kick in.

Regrettably, not all vehicle come with this sort of safety tech as standard, and this can increase the risk of them being involved in an accident. Something that can be both traumatic and costly for anyone involved. Check out sites like this for more information on the legal side of things that you will need to deal with after a collision. You can even get a free consultation to get you started.

It does a good mpg

Apart from having great safety features, the Ford Edge is also a good purchase as its pretty economical for a big machine. In fact, you can get almost 50 miles to the gallon, something that is a truly great score for an SUV of this size.

It looks great

Last of all, if all the safety features, value for money, and great mpg haven’t convinced you, all you really need to do is take a look at a Ford Edge. They really are great looking cars, sleekly designed with a ring of paint finishes available. They even have a nice sized boot area so you can fit everything you and your family need to go on vacation with, without disrupting the line of the vehicle by installing a roof rack.

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