Young Driver? You’ll Need These Car Insurance Tips!

Did you know that young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in a car accident? You’ve probably heard of this before, but as a fresh young driver would never believe it would happen to you. Being on the road isn’t just about your safety and the way that you handle your vehicle, though. It’s about everyone around you on the road who is driving. It’s about the pedestrians that cross illegally and how you can stay vigilant about them. It’s about understanding that you are not invincible just because you are inside a vehicle and you are not immune to the stupid driving decisions that others make.

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As a young driver, you’ll be aware that car salespeople will consider you to be naïve about buying a car. They will also believe that you are naïve about car insurance and won’t tell you much about getting car insurance cheaply. Young drivers are often charged through the roof by insurance companies due to the high rate of claims made. New drivers are often more reckless on the roads, with the mindset of wanting to show off their newly acquired driving abilities. Finding cheap car insurance as a young and new driver is difficult, but there is a lot you can do to keep your costs to a minimum. Obviously, avoiding accidents and the services of Kate Stebbins is one thing, but it’s good to know you have advice on hand should you need it! One of the most important things you can do as a new driver is look into more than one insurance company; there are so many! Getting a quote from one doesn’t mean that is the one you have to stick to! With our top tips, you can find the cheapest car insurance for you as a young driver.

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  1. Cheap Cars. Did you know that the pricier the car, the more expensive the insurance? Aiming for a brand-new car may be tempting, but in reality, you should be looking for a second hand little run around for your first ever car. Not only will it be less painful on your wallet if you happen to prang it, but it will be cheaper to insure. Cheap cars like the ones on this list are cheaper to insure than their expensive counterparts. For your first year or two on the road, go for the cheap car. Get your insurance lower for the future!
  2. No Mods. You’re young, you’re fun and you’re probably itching to get those gold rims and body kits on your car. Nope, step away from the funky stripes. Personalising your car is lovely, but it can push up the cost of your insurance. Modifications are known for upping insurance premiums, so wait until you’ve been on the road a couple of years before making those changes to Daisy.
  3. Black Box. Telematics are little devices that are installed in the trunk of the car to monitor your usage and driving behaviours. By using a black box, you can cut the costs of your car insurance and make your driving expenses so much lower than they have to be.
  4. Yearly Payments. By choosing to pay for your insurance per year, you can find it to be much cheaper than staggering those payments over the month. Sure, it’s steep to pay out for insurance in one lump sum, but when you work it out you end up paying more but are fooled into thinking it’s less monthly.
  5. Cover Level. When you get your cover quoted, look at both comprehensive – which covers you, the car and other drivers – and third party, which is the most basic cover you can get. Affordability will come into play, but by being fully comped you can ensure that you aren’t going to have a huge amount to pay out in the event of an accident. You can minimise your insurance costs by going for the basic third party option, but is it really worth the risk?
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Your insurance costs as a new driver should be expected to be pretty high, but that doesn’t indicate that you are a horrible driver. It just means that you are still inexperienced and could cost people more money if you are involved in a reckless incident. By taking extra driving courses and using any of the tips above, you can help to bring those initial insurance costs right down and give yourself a little breathing space when it comes to paying out your hard earned cash!

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